Work Management App for IBM Maximo

Put mobile work management into your maintenance teams’ hands fast with InformerWM for IBM Maximo. Powered by the Mobile Informer platform, installed within minutes and downloadable from the App Stores, InformerWM is the perfect choice for teams that need a simple-to-use, enterprise-ready, work management app that will be 100% user accepted.

Logging in to InformerWM, presents a view of assigned work orders. Your users will easily be able to filter work orders based on location, view work orders on a map, and get complete work order details. Attaching documents, fingerprint detection security and issuing materials to a work order are easily accomplished with InformerWM.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can get the most out of IBM Maximo with InformerWM, built for Maximo Mobility.


View work orders on a map

View and search work orders

Quick filters for work order list

View work order details

Issue materials to a work order

Record labor hours

Record failure information

Complete work order tasks

Record meter readings

View work order long descriptions

Change the status of a work order

Record failure details / report for a work order

Add work logs to work orders

Attach documents, annotated photo

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