Bin Counting App for IBM Maximo

InformerBC is a role-based mobile app for IBM Maximo designed specifically for bin counting. Log into InformerBC using your Maximo credentials. If you want greater security, set up fingerprint detection.

After login, you can select the appropriate storeroom and filter inventory items manually or with a barcode scanner. The mobile app shows you item details and pictures are easily shown or added. Because of its seamless offline/online function, you can use InformerBC for Maximo virtually anywhere. And visual cues indicate whether there is a mismatch with Maximo and when an item has already been counted.

An enterprise grade mobile application that simplifies cycle counting, InformerBC allows you to perform a variety of counting activities—from ad hoc count to wall-to-wall count. And because count information is transmitted in real-time to Maximo, your inventory data is always up to date — allowing you to make the very best business decisions.

Feature List:

– Quickly change saved storeroom

– Select the type of count to be performed

– View list of balances for which counts must be performed

– Filter list of balances

– Use barcode scanner to filter the list of balances

– Search to filter list of balances

– Perform both counts and recounts for reconciliation

– View details of a balance

– Change an item image

– View status and basic detail on all active counts

Mobile Informer Clients