Airport Solution App for IBM Maximo

Informer139 is part of the Interloc 139 Airport solution suite. Putting Informer139 in the hands of your airport inspectors turns CFR Part 139 Inspections from a daily challenge to an easily manageable task.

The only vertically integrated solution from Maximo through to the mobile device, Interloc 139 Airport Solution and Informer139 was built from the ground up specifically for Part 139 inspections.

Interloc 139 Airport solution provides end-to-end function, from managing the inspection schedule, ensuring that only qualified personnel can perform the inspections to marking tasks as day or night through to completing inspections, findings, and NOTAMs. Interloc 139 Airport solution comes with out-of-the-box data templates, schedules, audit reports and start centers to help make sure that compliance and audit readiness is maintained.


Manage Inspection Schedules in Maximo

Reporting specific to Part 139

Findings and scheduled inspections map view

Complete inspections from mobile device

Create findings on mobile device

Verify inspectors

Create NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen)

Download the data sheet for more details about Interloc 139 for Airports.

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