Mobile Informer GPS/GIS


The Mobile Informer platform provides the ability to indicate locations of work and/or assets via GPS coordinates. As long as GPS coordinates are stored or are being collected for storage within Maximo, Mobile Informer can provide map visibility of those locations to the field workforce.  

Online/Offline GIS

The combination of the activeG’s InformME and the Mobile Informer platform provides a seamless online / offline solution that brings together all of your Geographic Information System (GIS) and IBM Maximo data together in one mobile asset management tool.

Winner of the IBM Tivoli 2013 Best of Show award, InformME solution brings you the best attributes of activeG MapEngine in a dynamic mobile platform. InformME resides within the Mobile Informer platform, which brings seamless GIS to Maximo integration to Interloc’s mobile applications.

 – InformME brings you the following features:

– Work order and asset identification

– Leverage existing map services, including ESRI map services

– Multiple viewing options

– Data integration — in connected and disconnected states

To learn more about activeG visit their site here.