Mobilizing Maximo shouldn’t have to be hard. That’s why there is the Interloc Mobile Informer for Maximo.

Rapid development and deployment

Want to fast-track your mobile development?

Check out our growing library of turn-key, out-of-the-box apps available from the App Store, including InformerWM (a simple to use Work Management app) and Informer311 (our self service requester app).

Looking for a laser-focused industry app?  Informer 139 is the only integrated Maximo and mobile app that was built from the ground up to address CFR Part 139 Inspections.

Need a mobile app for a specific business process, workflow, customization?  Our flagship purpose built apps can satisfy any Maximo need.

Interloc Mobile Informer is the only mobile platform that can meet all your business requirements.

Installing the Mobile Informer platform takes minutes and does not require any separate server software or hardware. This means that your workforce could be out in the field experiencing productivity gains with a Mobile Informer application with 100% user acceptance in days, rather than weeks or months.

Full access to Device capabilities

Barcode scanners, camera, mobile maps are just some of the features your Mobile Informer application can leverage because Mobile Informer applications are native applications.

Consider also the ability to integrate FaceTime or fingerprint detection with an application.  Videos and images can also be easily attached to the application.

Meet the highest security requirements with multi-factor authentication – like smart cards (PIV-CAC) or RSA devices – with your Mobile Informer native to device application.

Native apps are comfortable and familiar for your users.  They can use familiar swipes and gestures they use on their consumer apps.  Mobile Informer native apps have no data latency and allow for large data sets – giving your users fast, reliable performance.

Minimum implementation time; maximum flexibility

Native to Maximo and Web Services, the Mobile Informer platform is installed as a Maximo application.  There is a very small ‘footprint’ and there is no requirement for a separate server that has to be managed. And because Mobile Informer leverages your existing Maximo infrastructure, Mobile Informer can mobilize any process for any industry, from oil rigs to transmission lines to nuclear to pipelines to chemical hazmat to healthcare to ammunition storage to ecological studies to aerospace to transportation…this list is endless.

Get up and running fast with one of our out of the box, turnkey mobile apps:

            • InformerWM – An easy to use, native Work Management Solution.
            • Informer311 – A self-service requester app that you can supply to anyone with a smart phone.  Enable your constituency to report and track service requests.

Looking for a complete industry solution?

            • Informer139 – An inspection app specifically for airports that takes the hassle out of CFR Part 139 inspections.

Interloc will continuously be releasing turn-key, out-of-the-box apps and industry solutions – available in the App Store.

Minimal training, maximum user adoption

The guiding principle for Mobile Informer applications is to keep everything simple and intuitive for the users as opposed to them requiring extensive training.

Because they are native apps, Mobile Informer apps use the familiar swipes and gestures that consumer apps use.  Whether they are purpose-built or turn-key, Mobile Informer applications have the look and feel of a consumer-based application, with all the rigor of an enterprise application, and provides for maximum user adoption with minimal training.

Total cost of ownership

Installed within minutes, the Mobile Informer platform has no separate server to maintain, no expensive devices to buy, ease of administration from within Maximo, and access to a growing library of out-of-the-box applications. Mobile Informer is a cost-savvy business decision.