About Mobile Informer – Better Maximo Mobility

Reliable. Innovative. Secure. This is how our customers describe Interloc’s Mobile Informer platform.

Installed within minutes as a Maximo application, the Mobile Informer platform gives you 100% user adoption through simple, role-based, native apps.

You can experience fast ROI because the Mobile Informer platform sits inside Maximo, needing no additional hardware or software. The Mobile Informer platform can power simple out-of-the-box, turn-key apps, laser-focused industry apps and our flagship purpose-built apps that run on iOS, Android or Windows devices.

Affording you the highest security, Mobile Informer encrypts data from the Mobile Device to Maximo and supports multi-factor authentication like PIV-CAC cards and RSA devices. Mobile Informer also delivers the stability and flexibility your business demands because it follows IBM’s best practices of using MIF web services.

You can now mobilize all Maximo Industry Solutions, add-ons, such as Calibration, Asset Configuration Management (ACM), or Linear, and any of your Maximo modifications with Mobile Informer.

Experience the mobile platform that is not only validated IBM Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure, but has also won multiple IBM and Industry awards, including Best in Show at IBM Pulse (2012), two Finalist placements for IBM Beacon Awards (2013 and 2015) and Mobile Enterprise’s Mobilizer Award for Field Service (2013).

With Mobile Informer, your “in the field” workforce don’t ever need to learn Maximo to do their job. You can experience maximum user acceptance with minimal training