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Maximo Mobility Solutions Informer PB

Maximo Mobility Solution Informer PB

If you need to mobilize any Maximo Industry Solution, add-on, customization or any of your Maximo modifications, our flagship purpose-built apps (InformerPB) will meet your businesses exact needs.

Get your maintenance teams mobilized quickly with a simple InformerPB mobile app. Interloc will work with your team using a very simple approach to meet all your mobility needs in order to gain 100% user acceptance:

– InformerPB apps all start with already developed core components of Informer apps

– From there, Interloc will spend a short amount of time (~1 week) with your field workforce teams to determine their specific work processes and will develop a nonfunctional user interface to gain buy in up front prior to any development.

– After buy-in is obtained, development of the functional application begins. This typically takes three to four weeks and follows typical software development lifecycle processes of develop, test, and deploy.

Maximo Mobility Solution Informer WM

Do you need a simple, turn-key, out-of-the-box Mobile Work Management app that’s completely integrated with Maximo? Then Mobile Informer Work Management (InformerWM) is for you.

InformerWM is a native work management app powered by the Mobile Informer platform. Downloadable from the App Store, InformerWM is a native mobile app specifically for IBM Maximo Work Orders. From heightened security using the devices fingerprint detection to viewing work orders on a map view, InformerWM will get your maintenance workers up and running quickly – being more productive than ever before.

Maximo Mobile Solutions Informer WM
InformerBC Maximo Mobile

InformerBC - Maximo Mobility

Simple counting becomes serious business when you are responsible for a warehouse full thousands of parts equating to millions in inventory.

Inaccurate counts can lead to:

– Ordering too much of an item

– Having obsolete inventory in stock

– Confusion on where items are

– Miscalculation of buffer levels

InformerBC (Bin Counting) is a simple, easy-to-use, turn-key app, designed specifically for Bin Counting and powered by Mobile Informer. InformerBC requires no additional server software or integrations. It directly communicates via the MIF and Web Services, provides heightened security, and offers an equal offline/online experience.

Maximo Mobility Solution Informer 311

Informer311 (Mobile Informer Self Service) mobile app provides any facility the ability to empower the public to take action on service requests. If you’re in charge of tracking and responding to service requests for airports, universities, transit systems or cities, you want to provide this app.

Once downloaded from the App Store, the application lets users see in-progress service requests, create service requests, view their service request status and details, track service requests and more… all from their mobile device.

Maximo Mobile Informer 311
Maximo for Mobility Informer 139

Maximo Mobility Solution Informer 139

Airport compliance with CFR Part 139 has always been a daily challenge. Failing an audit can mean financial penalties, airport shutdowns that impact your bottom line, or the safety of your passengers.

You need a way to ensure that inspections are completed and documented reliably to keep your operation running smoothly and your passengers’ safe. That’s why Interloc developed the Interloc 139 Airport Solution for Maximo – a vertically integrated solution from Maximo all the way through to the Informer139 mobile app, simplifying CFR Part 139 Inspections. Informer139 is installed in minutes and powered by Mobile Informer.

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